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Van Persie and Kagawa: Sponsor Dinner Edition

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Now the media is just having fun with us.

Aren't they?

The Guardian is reporting that:

Robin van Persie and Shinji Kagawa's starting berths for Manchester United's meeting with Wigan Athletic on Saturday are in the balance after each collected knocks on international duty, and the pair then appeared at a sponsor's launch on Friday evening.

Van Persie and Kagawa, who were joined by Javier Hernández, were only at the event in a suite at Old Trafford for a few minutes but their presence less than 24 hours before the match suggests they could miss out against Wigan.

This comes on the heels of Sir Alex, as Nik reported, "confirmed they will be available to face the Latics".

I think if you have them, you play them but you don't reach for them this week. Not with the doubt, and not with the Champions League beginning in midweek.