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Mistakes, I've Made A Few ...

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... but this is one of my very worst.


Reither, Ben Arfa, Van Persie to Vidic, Sigurdsson, Ba.

A triple trade made approximately 10 minutes before the deadline which led to a devastating 50 point swing in the wrong direction.

In terms of crappy decisions it's right up there with Week 1 in the 2010/11 season. On that occasion I went with Rooney (fresh from a shocking World Cup) over Drogba (0 points vs 38 points). It hurt, and so does this.

So it's 82 points for Week 3 and 6000th overall instead of the 132 points I would've been laughing with had I stuck with my overnight team. At least Spurs wo .... oh nope, they didn't.

How did Week 3 go for you?