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The Barn Door Live - Chatting EPL Fantasy Week 5

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Michael Regan - Getty Images

So this is what it's like to be awake 4 or 5 hours before the beginning of the Premier League kickoff. It is currently 3:15 AM on the East Coast of the good ol' US of A. Why am I awake? Two reasons. First, I had my first actual soccer game in about 4 or 5 years last night at 10 PM and I don't tend to sleep terribly well after athletic endeavor. Second, since I'm likely to be awake anyway, it made sense for me to stay up and take care of baby Charlie so I'm doing that too. This leads me to a late night/early morning of watching Psych reruns on DVR (starring Olivier Giroud look-alike James Roday), feeding and burping the baby and agonizing over my FEPL team because, well, I'm awake so why not?

My biggest angst? I'm really invested in West Brom. I like my picks of Shane Long, James Morrison, and Gareth McAuley but that's a lot of West Brom under any circumstances. I guess we'll see how that goes for me. Feels like Reading away is going to be a strong match-up. I'd have gone Lukaku if he were guaranteed a start but Long seems like a no-doubt-about-it starter and I'd rather go safe than sorry.

Here are my full teams:

Yahoo - Cech, Maicon, McAuley, Ivanovic, Cazorla, Kagawa, Morrison, Michu, Tevez, Hazard, Long - Cech, ACole, Baines, Rafael, Hazard, Michu, Dyer, Fellaini, Snodgrass, Tevez, Long (c)

Who you got?