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Week 6 Fantasy Football Pre-Deadline Countdown Live Chat

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As the deadline approaches it's time to help and be helped by your fellow fantasy manager as you look to make those all important final decisions.

Mike Hewitt - Getty Images

Morning all - we have 4 hours to go until the Week 6 deadline, so it's time to make those final changes to both your Yahoo and FPL team before deadline at midday UK time.

I'm not actually here to chat with you this morning (this is a scheduled post) as by the time you read this I'll be on a plane to New York City with my wife, best man, maid of honour and two close friends for a late wedding / early 30th birthday treat. We'll land just before the late game between Manchester United and Tottenham kicks-off but I very much doubt I'll be allowed to watch it, so I'll look to check in with you guys later in the evening once the results and points are in.

My FPL team is unimpressively locked in as:

Ruddy, Jenkinson, A.Cole, C.Clark, Michu, Hazard, Cazorla (v), Fellaini, Torres, Tevez, Ba (c)

(With Noble, A.Hughes & Gunter on the bench)

My Yahoo team is still up in the air at time of writing so you'll have to wait until deadline to see what I settled on, but I will admit that I'm Everton heavy and that Berbatov's injury has left me needing a reshuffle.

I'll leave it to you all to get chatting - good luck.

p.s. I'll be back next week with The Blog Cup results and a full Player Picks post.

p.p.s. Any hints on must-do things in NYC will be warmly welcomed!