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The Barn Door Live - Quiet Fantasy EPL Sunday Edition

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The Barn Door Live - Chatting Fantasy EPL on a quiet Premier League Sunday

Laurence Griffiths - Getty Images

The All-Everton strategy worked out reasonably well yesterday. They didn't get the clean sheet but Howard and Baines both did pretty well on the phantom point front while Nikica Jelavic and Kevin Mirallas both did strong work. They were joined by Demba Ba and Luis Suarez in having huge days yesterday.

I have to admit that it's going to be tough to get TOO excited about today's match-up between Aston Villa and West Brom because I'd guess that most of us have already had our entire teams play and those who haven't are waiting for QPR and West Ham on Monday rather than having any skin in today's match. Still, this is my first chance to see Aston Villa this season with their array of new players and I'm certainly hoping to get to watch Romelu Lukaku play.

If you have fantasy NFL questions, we can answer those as well if we need something to fill the time.

Let's chat...