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The Barn Door Live: Fantasy EPL Week 23 Sunday Chat

Chelsea vs. Arsenal and Manchester United vs. Tottenham speaks for itself. That there's an Arsenal two-gamer in there means huge fantasy stakes as well. Good

Yohan Cabaye, Joe Cole and Daniel Sturridge were huge yesterday while we're not sure Jussi actually played and Yahoo isn't sure that Loic Remy exists which must piss off Big Sam since Remy seems to have been credited with QPRs goal yesterday.

Today is all about which Arsenal players you have, whether they start, and how they do. Will Wilshere keep up his heroics? Will Podolski start? Will Giroud? Which Theo will show up? The ine worth the new contract or the one who looks like he'd be more at home in MLS?

All that and Barn Door talk about next week where United, Spurs, Chelsea and maybe Newcastle look promising.