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Jason Puncheon he $#*!$ when he wants

Ian Walton

This just won Twitter - for the day, the week, and maybe more.

Tanya Robinson is, as she describes in her profile, "Ex fhm model, life coach, owner of bootcamp, long suffering wag of Phil Bardsley haha and mother of 2 lil monkeys Rocco and Gabriella"

For context, in today's Everton-Southampton match, the Saints went down to 10 men temporarily as Jason Puncheon, well...


Southampton 0-0 Everton
Have you ever seen a player leave the pitch to go the toilet?

2127: SUBSTITUTION- Southampton 0-0 Everton
Jason Puncheon has left the field - apparently he's had to leave the field to go to the toilet. Extraordinary.

There's a change for the Saints as well as Gaston Ramirez is replaced by Steven Davis.

I know Sylvie is available again, but I think I have a new love. (You can do your own Google Image searching - and I recommend that you do.)