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Barn Door Live Chat (Sunday/Monday) Edition

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What a day it was yesterday. There were many teams that scored very well, although it seemed a few of the "wrong" players were doing the scoring.

Paul Gilham

A cracker of a game to start the day between Newcastle and Liverpool and it just got better and better.

Both Chelsea and Manchester City rewarded many fantasy managers with huge attacking points setting up a very interesting fixture for week 9.

Arsenal seem unstoppable and many fantasy teams are beginning to look like an all Arsenal squad.

Goal keeping continues to shine for most teams despite the fact that clean sheets are becoming harder and harder to predict.

Many managers will be pulling their hair out trying to secure the correct 3 strikers from a group of players that seems to expand each and every week.

I am at 119 points with Paulino & Lloris yet to play this week.

My current Barn Door team looks like this:





Bench: fillers/Barkley

From what I have been reading there were some great scores yesterday!!

How did you do?


Note: With only a single game today, Tottenham @ Villa and a single game on Monday, Fulham @ Crystal Palace there will only be this thread to finish off the week. Don't worry, if the thread gets over 500 post I will open up another one on Monday for those who's tech devices slow down with to much "chatter"