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Pre Deadline ( Live Chat ) Week 9

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Good morning,how is your team shaping up before the deadline? Are you going to do some late last minute changes as soon as you see the Crystal Palace vs Arsenal Line up? Are you going to go heavy on Arsenal this week? lets Discuss it !

Shaun Botterill

I am pretty sure that alot of us will go heavy on Arsenal as soon as we see the line up and i agree as well,so how is your team looking?

I would expect Arsenal to start with Szczesny/Sagna/Koscielny/Mertesacker/Gibbs/Flamini/Arteta/Ozil/Ramsey/Cazorla/Giroud.

But lets wait to have a final confirmation as soon as we see the line ups.

I am currently on : De Gea/Johnson/Cissokho/Walker/Michu/Townsend/Ozil/Januzaj/Giroud/Sturridge/Suarez (c)

Good luck for everyone and hopefully your team score big this week.