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Sunday Barn Door (Live Chat) Week 9

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Welcome to another exciting round of the Barclay's Premier League! Today we will see just exactly how powerhouses Chelsea and Manchester City stack up, whether or not Tottenham will prove too much for Hull City, if Swansea can over turn West Ham, and of course the MUCH anticipated bitter derby battle between rock-bottom Sunderland and Newcastle! Let's Chat!

How can you stop this partnership? Answer: YOU CANT!
How can you stop this partnership? Answer: YOU CANT!
Julian Finney

You probably could not have asked for a better Saturday with plenty of CS points and goals/assists to go around. We FINALLY had a captain pick go HUGE with Luis Suarez's hattrick against West Brom leading to an amazing 70pts! The only down side? I didn't make him my captain in favor of Olivier Giroud, who helped Arsenal secure a vital 2-0 win over a plucky Crystal Palace side after going down to 10 men. It was another solid performance from Southampton and those who kept the faith with Lovren and Boruc were extremely pleased. Although their attack has been somewhat disappointing, their defense has been outstanding. Manchester United almost had a shocker against Stoke (boy did I get this game wrong!), but left it late for Chicharito to come back from the dead and rescue his team AGAIN!

I stand on 124pts with HBA, Townsend and Lloris to go.

How did your team far? Who do you have left to play?

Lets Chat!