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Kellz Player Picks: Week 7

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We have another exciting Premier League Weekend to look forward to after quite an up and down previous week for many managers. What are the fixtures you should be looking at, what teams are in form, and what players will be given the starting spot on your team this week? Let's discuss!

Oh captain my captain!
Oh captain my captain!
Clive Brunskill

Week 7 looks pretty good for a number of teams including Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea. This is where id be looking for my primary starting 11 and sprinkle in a few from the other fixtures. But I am certain to avoid Manchester City v Everton which just screams "trap match" to me. City struggled against Villa, then against Bayer Munich in the champions league and now face their "Bogey" team Everton. If you have a steep discount on Lukaku it might be one to keep as City have been a shadow of their defensive self this season. Fulham v Stoke City and Southampton v Swansea seem much harder to predict as each side is pretty evenly matched. I could easily see a 0-0 or 2-1 home win for each, so pick accordingly but I am not looking much here. Okay onto the picks!


Mignolet - Liverpool are having an excellent start to the season and there is no reason to think they cannot win and keep a CS against an inept Crystal Palace side at Anfield. Mignolet is my top keeper choice this week and has already proven to be able to score well even while conceeding a goal. However Liverpool's defense should get plenty of investment.

Hugo Lloris - Spurs have a tasty match up at home against an away goal shy West Ham squad. Not only do I see a win for Spurs but also a CS with saves, so Lloris comes a close second as top keeper choice this week.

Cech - Chelsea have been up and down under Mourinho this season, but they should still be too much for Norwich City even away. Cech wraps up the expensive keeper category as the third choice for me.

Brad Guzan - I normally hate recommending a cheap keeper playing away from home, but Aston Villa will be inspired from the win against City and face a Hull City side without their major contributor, Robby Brady. If you want to go the cheaper route and like a bit of a gamble, I fancy Aston Villa to pull out the win away to Hull.


Jose Enrique - Brendan Rodgers has been utilizing his 3-5-2 formation with Enrique and Henderson playing the more advanced ^wing back^position in recent matches. Any time Enrique gets pushed up the pitch he has the ability to bring great attacking returns on top of his defensive duties. He is the premium defender pick of the week and will surely be in my squad.

Sahko - Obviously I am trusting Liverpool´s defense this week, but after watching Crystal Palace multiple times this season, I feel they have the best chance of a CS this week. Sahko seems to have nailed down a regular spot and offers a cheaper alternative to Enrique this week. Both may well be in my squad.

Kyle Walker/Jan Vertonghen - Take your pick, both are very productive from their respective positions and should score well this week against West Ham. Walker plays on the flank and will bring you attacking returns as well as some crosses. Where as Vertonghen is always a goal threat from a corner and is defensively solid at CB with a good CS chance. Either one could perform well this week.

Lovren - Another expensive player pick, but offers solid points week in week out. Swansea City will provide good competition for Southampton, but I feel they will be able to pull out the win at home given their current form.

Ivanovic - Again, I also back the Chelsea defense this week even in an away match. Chelsea will be looking to bounce back from the recent stumbles in the league and Ivanovic offers both defensive and attacking potential.


Gerrard - Along with Liverpool´s good run of form, Gerrard has had his own great fantasy run. Certainly a premium pick, but he offers solid attacking points with spot kick duties and goal threat. Could this be the game he returns to the score sheet? Investment is definitely likely for many managers.

Oscar - The only real consistent bright light from Chelsea´s midfield. Oscar provides endless energy and ingenuity with the eye for the killer pass or popping up with crucial goals. If you only want small investment in Chelsea this week, Oscar is a must have.

Siggurdson - Tottenham look prepared to continue their stellar league form against a bottom half table West Ham side. It is hard to recommend just one of Spurs productive midfielders, but given form and goal returns, Siggy seems to be climbing back to the heights that saw him as a "must have" each week while playing for Swansea. The price is getting high, but will represent good value this week.

Erikson/Paulinho/Lamela - It seems like a week two Spurs midfielders could pay out the dividends. Of these 3, you could argue for any of their inclusion in your side, but i´d look at them in the order I have listed. Erikson will be an assist threat with a couple SOT and some free kicks in the locker, Paulinho offers great pace and ability to make the right run to produce a killer shot, however Lamela still seems time to nail down a permanent role on the flank and should only be considered with sufficient team news on his starting status but once he does that, should get solid returns.

Ramsey/Ozil - You have them, don´t drop them. Even if you haven´t picked up either yet, I´d suggest you get on the bandwagon fast. Ramsey is a touch expensive now, but Ozil is still good value so get on now away to WBA.

Amalfitano - This was a tough choice on whether or not to add him in the picks this week, but WBA have been playing quite well in recent matches and Arsenal haven´t been 100% solid at the back. If any player is going to unlock Arsenal´s back line it will be this guy. Already proving to be an assist and goal threat, he is my huge differential pick this week.


Samuel Etó - Making my recommendations for the first time, Etó offers the best way into Chelsea´s forward line this week. With Torres out injured and Ba out of favor, Etó is Mourinho´s go to striker of choice. He hasn´t lit the Premier League on fire, but this could be the week he gets on the score sheet. At a very affordable price, I will try and find a way to get him in my side.

Sturridge/Suarez - Boy that was sure nice to have both of them last week as the returns were fantastic. Sturridge´s assists to Suarez´s double was sublime and proves the pair are able to play together making a scary forward combo. I wouldn´t be surprised to see many manager´s continue to field both this week. I certainly have both in my side currently. If you had to choose one, I´d opt for Suarez as he will also take the odd direct free kick and just generally gets phantom points even without a goal. Suarez is a real armband contender again this week.

Soldado - It is getting hard to recommend him now as he has yet to find the back of the net from open play. However, the more Spur´s midfield continues to gel, the more involved Soldado will become. He still retains PK duty and given the hatch up is at home, you could do worse than shelling out under 10mil for him this week.

RvP/Rooney - RvP was left out of the squad for last game week with a "thigh injury" and Rooney was left out of Manchester´s last CL match with a "shin injury", which makes you wonder the true fitness of both players. I believe both will start at the weekend so Moyes can save face on what has been a torrid start to the season as United sit 12th in the League. I am opting to hold Rooney for team news, but if he is out I will probably bring in Etó or Soldado.

Osvaldo - My differential pick last week finally broke out of his goal slump and there is no reason to think he cannot continue that form against Swansea City at home. Still nicely priced, Osvaldo offers another solid differential pick this week.

Darren Bent/Berbatov - Definitely on the outside of my picks, but Stoke haven´t looked solid on the road and Fulham are generally good at home. For a truly differential striker with a decent amount of risk look no further, but I feel Fulham will at least score one at home against Stoke.

Sorry for the lateness of the Player Picks post, I have been trying to find internet all day and finally found some that actually worked lol. Such is life on the islands in Thailand! I haven´t begun to change my team from last week, but I will be trying for something along the lines of: Lloris, Enrique, Debuchy, Ivanovic, Ozil, Ramsey, Erikson, Oscar, Sturridge, Suarez (capt), Rooney (Etó or Soldado).

How is your team shaping up? What are some players you feel will do well this week?