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Barn Door - Premier League: Week 7 (LIVE)

Welcome back to another weekend in the Barclays Premier League. Our early kick off is the much anticipated clash between Manchester City v Everton. We will all be closely watching the Liverpool kick off in hopes our high investment will pay off. We round the day out with Sunderland v Manchester United possibly missing Rooney and RvP. Lets chat!

Maybe Rooney should be wearing "shin guards" in training?
Maybe Rooney should be wearing "shin guards" in training?
Paul Thomas

Sorry for not getting a Pre-Deadline chat up, ive been trying to get my travel flights squared away for getting into Jakarta, Indonesia so I havent even had time to work more on my own team. Being in a completely different time zone I am still confused when the deadline is exactly so I may have some short time yet. So far I have currently: Lloris, Debuchy, Enrique, Ivanovic, Siggy, Ozil, Ramsey, Oscar, Rooney, Sturridge, Suarez (capt). Rooney is still a doubt but I feel confident he will play. If i can get my act together I will try and possibly fit in Et'o in Rooneys spot, bench Debuchy and use the extrz funds to upgrade Spence to Walker. They rest of my team is staying put.

How is your team for this week?