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Barn Door Live Chat Week 7 (Sunday Edition)

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What a day it was. Manchester City returned to our fantasy radar while Manchester United needed the help of one of their youngest players to save a win against bottom of the table Sunderland.

Michael Regan

Saturday brought with it some interesting "twist" for our fantasy teams. The dynamic duo of Suarez and Sturridge continues to hold 2 out of 3 striker positions on many rosters while Lukaku, Giroud, Remy, Aguero,Negredo, Rooney, Lambert, the one day to return Benteke along with several other strikers, continue to challenge even the best managers decision of... which 3?

I did very little Barn door work only bringing in Lukaku until I can see what today brings in way of NEW options.

Only two players yesterday for me in Suarez (c) and Gerrard giving me 42 points on the day.

Remember, our next game week is the weekend of October 19th where I will be looking at the following games:

Cardiff @ Chelsea

Norwich @ Arsenal

Liverpool @ Newcastle

Tottenham @ Villa

Manchester City @ West ham

Hull City @ Everton

How is you week going?

Did you put Januzaj on your bench? In your line up??

Lets Chat!