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Pre-Deadline Chat (Week 10)

Hello ladies and gentle men! We are only a number of hours away from another exciting kick off for the Barclay's Premier League! Who have you drafted into your team this week? Who will you be looking to change last minute? Let's chat!

Pantilimon is telling Hart "Sorry bro you blew it, it's PANTI TIME!"
Pantilimon is telling Hart "Sorry bro you blew it, it's PANTI TIME!"
Shaun Botterill

Hey gals and gents, sorry to post this up so early but I will be leaving via boat to visit another island close to Flores and I wanted to make sure this was posted before I left. I should be back no problem to get the live chat up and running. Unfortunately the computer I am using at the local internet cafe doesn't have the ability to download my picture with the massive Komodo Dragons I visited so that will have to wait until I can find one that can. Needless to say the word "legendary" almost doesn't do them justice!

Back to what is really concerning us as managers: our team selection. I am currently on Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Demichelis, B.Jones, Silva, Ravel Morrison, Ozil, Sessegnon, Rooney, Suarez, Aguero (capt). I opted to drop Myhill given all the news regarding Hart being dropped by Man City for the Norwich game. Given I want to keep my discount on Ramsey and have him currently on my bench, I am without back up in case Pantilimon doesn't start. It is a small risk to take to save Ramsey.

Who are you looking to bring in before the deadline? How have your teams shaped up given the injury/suspension news?

Let's Chat!