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Barn Door Week 10: Sunday (LIVE CHAT)

Welcome back for another trilling round of the Barclay's Premier League as week wrap up Week 10 with the much anticipated Everton v Tottenham match! How did that blistering Saturday provide for your fanatsy team? What players did you look to grab on the Barn Door for Week 11? Let's Chat!

Can anyone stop Aaron Ramsey? Manchester United should be worried!
Can anyone stop Aaron Ramsey? Manchester United should be worried!
Laurence Griffiths

Whoa, what a simply amazing Saturday! Goals galore helped many a fantasy manager this week, especially considering that this is the Blog Cup Round 2! Manchester City asserted their dominance over minnows Norwich City with an absolute throttling to end the game 7-0! It is safe to say ANY Manchester City players you had or took on the barn door will suit your team well when facing the utterly inept Sunderland side next game week. Chelsea being over turned by Newcastle was another of the big story lines from Saturday which makes Liverpool's loss to Arsenal that less crucial. If there was going o be a new Premier League Champion this season, I hope it will be the lesser of ALL evils and let Arsenal take the title. They certainly look like a championship winning side and will go into next game week with Manchester United full of confidence.

As for my team, I finished on a respectable 123pts but missed out on another SCORCHER from Aaron Ramsey as he put up an unbelievable 21pts. I honestly thought Liverpool would take this one and relegated him to the bench after a rather lack luster (by his standards) display against Crystal Palace. WRONG MOVE! To make matters worse, I opted to switch Ravel Morrison into my starting 11 who produced exactly ZERO points! WTF!? I now have no one left to play today so all eyes are on the Everton v Tottenham match and which players will be considered on the BD for next game week.

Looking ahead to Week 11: Liverpool, Manchester City, Everton, Chelsea, Southampton, and Swansea all have favorable match ups, so I'd be looking to grab those players on the BD for next week.

How did your fantasy team fair so far? Do you have any players left for Sunday? Scared about the cut off for the Blog Cup Round 2?

Let's Chat!