Week 11 Captain Picks

Last week Aguero didn't disappoint with 40 pts as captain, whilst those who stuck with Suarez were left with regrets. This week that could be another story as Suarez will be the captain on many teams this week including mine, and hopefully will grab a brace or more.. I say that whilst still hoping Fulham score more goals than Liverpool :p This week, though we have many more options.. From in-form Aguero, to Sturridge whose gonna score some time soon, to Lukaku whose price went down, this week the captain's can be the decisive factor.. Who'll score more? Suarez or Sturridge? Who do you go with? In-form Aguero or Lukaku who's playing Palace? The option are plenty and the choice is yours!



As always feel free to add your choice if not included!

BTW this post is up extremely early to maximize the number of voters.. We still have midweek to worry about before we finalize our teams.. Cheers