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Week 13 Fantasy EPL Live Chat

We're about to get underway yet again (we'll be saying that a lot over the next month, which makes me happy), and the team news should start showing some signs of rotation from some of the larger squads. Let's hope all of our players start and, if not, that we've got strong options ready to come off the bench to back them up!

It isn't fun looking on from the bench, but it sure is nice to be there when your team needs you.
It isn't fun looking on from the bench, but it sure is nice to be there when your team needs you.
Michael Regan

My Week 13 Squad: Pantilimon, Ward, Debuchy, Flanagan, Oviedo, Coutinho, Cabaye, Barkley, Aguero, Benteke, Suarez (c)

Bench: Ozil, Lampard, Kelly, Guzan

The bench really will become a helpful feature through the festive period, in my opinion, and I've started taking advantage of it this week. I've opted for a bit of an odd lineup, going 4-3-3 to preserve my heavy discount on Frank Lampard, who I feel will have a real role to play over the next couple matches for Chelsea. My hope is that I've guessed correctly on the match he'll be rested for and that he will return to Chelsea's (and my) starting lineup for the Sunderland, Stoke and Crystal Palace matches.

I've also opted to use a regularly starting backup keeper for the first time since early in the season, drafting in Brad Guzan to cover in the event that Pellegrini decides to either rest Pantilimon or give Joe Hart another shot at claiming the number one jersey for Manchester City. Ross Barkley and Brian Ovideo represent risks in my squad, and while Oviedo is starting, it looks like I'll have to hope for a strong performance off the bench for Barkley or hope he doesn't play at all.

For Week 14 (which is only a couple days away), I'm looking at players from Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Stoke, with the potential of a Spurs or United player in there somewhere if I feel like being a bit different.

How did your team end up? Did you make use of the bench, or are you going all out with your starters and hoping they all start? In either case, I hope your selections work out for you and that you have a great Week 13!