Alternative picks round 17 - There is no captain choice is there anymore?

Ok first things first I didn't captain suarez which means I have missed two of his three monsters. Maybe had not I would be leaving the moaning alone. However this week kind of sums up the worst feature of having a captain double point rule. It wipes out any good work you have done If you fail to captain him. A score of 125pts and yet I fell 300ish places to my lowest in a while in 514 place. Yes the Stall was sour when he got home to see the damage done. I will hold my hands up further. I actually predicted a spurs win which now seems a little crazy.

Last time I caught the points with Mannoe, Mcgregor, figgy, Osman, Hooper and or course BFMC but let down with the Lloris pick.

In Goal

Howard - ok there is no chance I pick him this week but I'm trying to give alternative choices and this is that. The swans will make chances and shoot plenty. What I have noticed is that the Swans do believe in the idea if you don't shoot you don't score. Therefore they often seem to shoot safe down the middle of the goal. So there should be plenty saves for Timmy and should Everton surprise and hold out for the clean sheet he could go big.

At the back

Liverpool and Manu are the obvious clean sheet chances.

Pretty tough to find a pick that's alternative. Maybe these?

Vermaelen - Arsenal dont like playing chelsea. They are also a little shaken after Everton outplayed them for long periods and City beat them about a little. However this Chelsea do not convince and they have no Drogba to bully the gunners defence about. A clean is not clear but one thing the Verminator always did was provide a goal chance. To go with this he should get a few blocks and tackles.

C Davies - The player going back to the old club rule. The old club not in a good place. A danger at corners. Enough to pick him?

Middle for diddle

Townsend - Assuming Sherwood spent the last month paying attention. Townsend was spurs bright spark this season and then for some reasons AVB dropped him. You would think the fans favourite will return against the Saints. The fixture is not kind but he has shown the phantom points style so maybe he gets close to returning value and with a goal goes big. Maybe a wait and see for spurs this week but he tempts. Now out injured so

Giggs If we receive firm news Rooney is out how wild will our teams be with no roo or kun) and if Giggs starts then he should be on kicks including pens all for £6.61m. Or Kagawa assuming his tummy is better he would take the rooney role and it would be typical to break out the week after Kellz picked him.

Larsson back to back double figure since he has moved to right midfield and Adam Johnson dropped. Really like him this week and that first set piece goal of the season is due.

Amalfitano - Nice fixture but this depends on the response from the WBA to losing their manager. While I'm sure there are a few happy at the spurs change I know of nothing negative said about Steve Clarke. If you get stuck needing a middie under 9m here you go.

Cabaye - Do we ever consider away to Palace in the bad fixture camp? Maybe if ever its now. Under Tony P the spirit is strong and with the crowd behind them Palace will be a handful at home. However Cabaye fresh from his two week rest is what we all want, a consistent fantasy points scorer. More a pick for his phantoms but always a free kick away from a 20 point game.

Up the top

BFMC - What needs to be said next about him? He even scored at Chelsea! on a role and facing a Newcastle defence likely to conceed, can you finally give him a chance? No not me either but fixture and price suits.

Jayrod - I consider this an alternative pick as I doubt there will be many players picking him this week. On form with 3 in his last 4 his ever developing confidence and pace should cause a spurs defence in an almighty mess problems. Not sure he has more than a goal a game in him but I remember some 20pt plus games late last season and one of those cannot be far away.

Lukaku - Ok once again is this alternative? Well after burning us all against Fulham I think a few will sell as the toffees travel to a tough away at the Swans. For that reason I put him forward. He seems to come up big when you don't have him and Everton are bang in form so he should get chances. The gut fancies he scores in differcult tie.