K.M. Player Picks!!! (Week 17)

With only a few shopping days left, many have been searching for that perfect gift for the holidays. Well, the SEARCH IS OVER as K.M.'s Player Picks are now available for ages 0-100 and can be shipped to your home starting....NOW!


PANTILIMON: With so many great budget options this week we start with a solid choice as top keeper with a price that is hard to ignore. @7.94 and playing at Fulham we can wrap this up and stick it under the tree.

KRUL: Playing a tough Palace side on their home field may have many believing this is a "negative" proposition with limited saves and a strong possibility of no clean sheet. At 8.66 you can afford this solid risk. Stick him under the tree.

MYHILL: Stocking stuffer option this week @3.69 and playing at home to a goal starved Hull side. Buy as many as you like and hand them out as this one is priced to sell.

Secret Santa Pick: Lloris


WARD: This one you may have to put on the credit card but is the must have gift of the season. Everybody wants him so buy now while there is still time. Stick him under the tree.

DeBuchy: This guy has been on/off my team more time then I can count and has never produced when I picked him. Like dragging a crying kid around the stores. You want to just set him down and walk away but you just can't. Guess I will stick him under the tree.

P. Jones/Vidic: BOTH are solid options but playing at home to a "stuck in the snow" West Ham side with Vidic currently on sale for the low price of $8.12. Stick both or either under the tree.

STOCKING STUFFER OPTIONS: Pieters/Chester/Muniesa/ B. Jones

Secret Santa Pick: Bassong.


RAMSEY/OZIL/WALCOTT: Nothing like a triple shot at the office Christmas party to get things going. Could wind up being the life of the party or lose your job the following day. Belly up to the bar ladies & gents...Drinks are on me! Stick them all under the tree.

CABAYE: Another purchase on the credit card that just might pay off. If you have any credit left you may want to risk maxing the card out for him this week. Stick him under the tree.

YaYa/Nasri: My choices for representation from City midfielders this week with YaYa taking the outright lead. Stick either one under the tree but be careful about over crowding.

STERLING: Normally my budget calls for good plastic ware but it is the holidays! Time to get out the good stuff. Stick him under the tree.

STOCKING STUFFER OPTIONS: Valencia/ Barkley/Giaccherini

Secret Santa Pick: Siggy.


SUAREZ: If you don't have him may I suggest playing fantasy tennis.

ROONEY: With him playing a bit deeper (will he or won't he) this could up being a gift that makes it to the return pile. This is not a one size fits all and this one could end up being a bit small.

REMY: Priced to sell and should get plenty of opportunities. I would have no problem putting this one out front under the tree.

HOOPER: Whats not to like about this one. Hitting his stride, priced to sell and could be the pick of the week. Find room if you can under the tree for this one if possible.

NEGREDO: Only because Aguero is out but truth be told this looks like a holiday fruit cake that nobody will ever finish much like his game time. If you want..should be O.K.?

STOCKING STUFFER OPTIONS: Osvaldo/Altidore/Soldado

Secret Santa Pick: Benteke

Happy shopping everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!