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Sunday (Week 17) LIVE CHAT

With Saturday's matches done and dusted, we look forward to today's fixtures and then round out the week with the highly anticipated Arsenal v Chelsea match (I hope for a draw!). Liverpool were able to snatch top spot at least for the time being, after a wonderful display from perennial captain Luis Suarez. You may not love the guy but you cannot deny his current league form. Who are you looking to grab on the BD? Let's discuss!

Perfect snack size - me and a 9ft Komodo Dragon!
Perfect snack size - me and a 9ft Komodo Dragon!
Zach Kelleher

I'd like to start with a little treat for everyone as per requested in a thread a few months ago when I was in Indonesia. The above photo was taken during my time living on Komodo Island, Indonesia with a ranger and his family. I am certainly not a robot or a ghostly apparition who pops in to do fantasy related football posts every week, as you can see lol, just a guy who loves to travel! Enjoy!

The big result of the weekend was Liverpool's 3-1 victory over a defiant Cardiff City which saw them leap frog Arsenal into sole top spot of the Premier League. I don't want to get too excited, but at Christmas time to be top is a huge signal to all your rivals below that you mean business. If Liverpool can pull 4pts off of Man City and Chelsea in the next game weeks then the title race is well and truly on for the Reds. The good news is seeing Suarez and Liverpool playing exceptional football and a top 4 finish is certainly looking on the cards. It is basically time to set Luis Suarez as captain and forget given his current form. I would even go as far as to say I am leaning towards him as captain regardless of the match up. It will all depend on my final line up for Week 18 though.

The other major bit of match business on Saturday was the continued up turn of Manchester United who bagged another 3pts at home to a woeful West Ham side. Danny Welbeck returned the faith even with David Moyes being cloak and dagger with Wayne Rooney's starting status. I don't think the title is a possibility as of yet and may be out of reach at this point, but United are climbing their way back to the top with an exceptional stretch of matches to accrue more points to boot.

Remember next game week is Thursday, affectionately known as Boxing Day. I will be focusing on players from Manchester United, Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs. Liverpool will face the huge task of over turning City at the Etihad so it might be a good idea to drop all but your steep discounts (Suarez + Henderson) for next week. Just be ready to have at least one playing bench role for midfield and defense as the busy holiday fixture list will certainly bring about rest and rotation.

It was a solid if unspectacular Saturday in fantasy terms for me. Luis Suarez as captain helped me to 111pts with Walcott, Ramsey, and Lukaku to go. I still managed to drop a fair amount of places yesterday so my score might not be so good after day one of Week 17 so I am hoping for a better outcome with my remaining players.

How has your team done so far? Who have you picked up on the BD?