GW19 Differentials

We're halfway through the season already and the games are coming in quick succession, but never too quick for us football addicts. Everyone has their reasons for wanting differentials in their team, but mostly to catch up, like me. So let's get straight into the options.

Adrian/Harper- Each of these keepers cost about 1 million, so if you decide to go with either, you'll free up funds for your attacking players. The other option here, is to get Hart, and have one of these keepers on the bench, in case Panti gets back in the team. This gives you very solid backups, since Hull should keep a CS at home after conceding 3 against United, and Adrian also has a high chance of a CS hosting West Brom.

Figueroa- Another defensive option from Hull, but he is much more expensive, at 13.26. He does have a very high upside, though, with a CS option and plenty of defensive/offensive points. We need to watch team news for this one because he's going to have a late fitness test.

Shelvey- With Michu out, Shelvey has regained his attacking role which saw him appear on many fantasy teams for solid returns. After being involved in most of the attacks against Chelsea, without any real end result, Shelvey and Swansea will want to take their chances against Aston Villa.

Milner- Why not? Pellegrini seems to like him. City midfielders, playing at home, against Palace, during the busiest time on the Premier League calendar, perfect game for rests, and one player that can definitely gain from that, is James Milner, who came in late against Liverpool. I think he'll start, and is good differential to your rivals who'll have Silva/Toure as City cover. He's been in good form too.

Mutch- My biggest hunch this week, but unfortunately I cant find a spot for him on my team. He's been in good form lately, and Cardiff have been playing well but are still in relegation territory so need to start getting more wins. Mutch will have plenty of opportunities at home against Sunderland, and after writing this, I have convinced myself and might try to squeeze him in.