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Pre-Deadline + LIVE CHAT (Week 19)

It has certainly been a whirlwind of matches so far and our busy festive fixture list is almost at an end. It will be a difficult week to select a starting 11 as many sides will succum to the dreaded rest/rotation policy. Who do you have in your squad currently? What dilemas are you facing for selection? Let's discuss!

Looks like Negredo just tapped Dzeko in!
Looks like Negredo just tapped Dzeko in!
Alex Livesey

I probably had the worst week you could have imagined so I am very pleased to put that awful Boxing Day behind me with a quick return of fixtures. We should get information from the early kick off which is West Ham v West Brom, but I doubt many will be picking from that player pool. The highlighted match of the week will be the show down between TItle rivals Chelsea and Liverpool which should make for an exciting tie.

My squad is as follows: Hart, Kompany, Vidic, Naughton, Whittingham, Yaya, Walcott, Erikson, Rooney, Suarez, Dzeko (capt) w/ Ozil + FIllers on the bench. I am actually quite pleased and I am hoping that everyone starts. I really need a good showing after a paltry 70pts last game week which has sent me spiraling down to outside the top 2000.

Good luck to everyone!