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Sunday LIVE CHAT (Week 19)

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Well it was a surprising start to the weekend with Hull City running a half time rampant score up to 6 over a completely defunct Fulham side and Manchester City only able to score 1 at home to Crystal Palace. The biggest shock of the week so far has been the rotation of Yaya Toure and Wayne Rooney (although the latter apparently "aggrievated" his groin), We have the much anticipated Chelsea v Liverpool match to go! Let's discuss!

Liverpool needs a big game out of both these men!
Liverpool needs a big game out of both these men!
Clive Brunskill

It was a pretty solid start to the week for me with 83pts and Walcott, Suarez, Erikson, Naughton and Ozil + Dawson off the bench to go (to cover for Rooney and Yaya). We have another set of quick fixtures coming next Wednesday so everyone should be on their guard for another possible rotation mid week. Who have you brought in on the BD and who are you looking forward to playing today?