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Our full blooded schedule of holiday fixtures continues with yet another mid week fixture list ready to frustrate and annoy fantasy managers around the globe on this New Year's Eve! We have had a lot of injury news coming out of the Arsenal camp so make your adjustments accordingly. Also for those who can take a break from the festivities, we will get the Swansea City v Manchester City line ups before the deadline! What last minute changes will you be making? Let's discuss.

Will it be this man @5mil to lead the line for Arsenal in Giroud's absence?
Will it be this man @5mil to lead the line for Arsenal in Giroud's absence?
Jamie McDonald

I must apologize for the early posting of the LIVE CHAT, but I am celebrating New Years with friends in Seattle, WA and I can only imagine the state I'll be in at deadline time! So better to get it up now rather than posting late or not at all because of "slightly" too much festive cheer in the form of delicious beer (I did not mean to rhyme that last part lol)!

We have had a lot of injury news coming out today so be sure to plan out your team accordingly. I mostly check Fantasy Football Scout for the majority of team news as they usually seem to be on the ball most of the time. So you can follow the link here to their team news page:

Again, we will have the early kick off line ups for the Swansea City v Manchester City match. So those taking the gamble on the likes of Kolarov will be pleased to know if their pick will even start or not! I highly doubt I will be in any state of mind to coherently change my team at deadline so there is a big possibility that I wind up with an absolutely whacky team!

I am currently on: Hart, Monreal, Cissohko, Ward, Kompany, Gerrard, Walcott, Yaya, Podolski, Negredo, Suarez (c) w/ Bannan, Rosicky on the bench. I am not too happy with the doubts surrounding Monreal, Gerrard, Rosicky and Walcott but I feel all should be in line to start. With Ward potentially keeping his place in central midfield, it is almost like I am playing a 3-4-3 anyway with Bannan set to cover Cissokho/Monreal if one fails to start due to team selection/illness respectively. I am also still considering Bendtner up top instead of Podolski who may start on the flank if certain Arsenal players fail to make it for the match. My team is unsaved and I may very well alter IF I am able to remember the early kick off and not be too "far gone" to adjust my team accordingly.

Who do you currently have in your squad for Week 20? Who are you looking to bring in at the deadline?