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EGYPT Player picks week 15

After having a nightmare week 14,i couldn't have wish that week 15 come any faster! so its a chance to recover after scoring just 164 last week and falling down to 58 Overall after starting the week on 12th place. Let me remind you as well that week 15 is the 3rd round of the Blog cup so i wish everyone the best of luck for this week.

Pick me and i will score :)
Pick me and i will score :)
Mike Lawrie

I hope week 15 would be much better than what happened last week,Last week was almost a disaster but lets rebound and have a big big week this week.

Here are my picks for this week.


Chicharito : With Rooney suspended and RVP is a major doubt for the early Saturday kick off then Chicharito should get the chance and usually when he plays he scores.

Berbatov: The Bulgarian had a good week 14 and had an assist and scoring a solid 15 points,the fixture is nice as well as he will play Aston Villa + take penalties so he is worth it this week.

Suarez: No need to say a word about this guy,he is the untouchable captain.

Jerome: Had him last week and missed a sitter,i really think that he might score this week against Cardiff.

Giroud: Got rested in mid week and should be fresh playing against Everton.

Anichebe : He is due a start after scoring mid week against City and the opposition looks really struggling so he is worth a shout this week.


Shelvey/De Guzman : Take your picks from here,the first is shooting on sight and from every angle and the latter do the same as well and he is on set pieces duties,one of them should be in your line up this week.

Gerrard/Coutinho : Same with the Liverpool guys,one should be in your team depending on your budget.

Nani/Januzaj : we will get the lineup for this game,I would surely get Nani if i see him starting,the guy on his day can be a cracking player while the latter is the foul won specialist and will get you 8-9 points easily.

Bannan/Puncheon: i would recommend Bannan as he is taking all set pieces and would be a good pick for this week.

Ozil/Ramsey: Take your picks from here,i am sure a lot of players got both of them or at least one of them for the game against Everton.


Phil Jones: Playing in midfield and the price is just under 8,big chance for clean sheet and some blocks so he is in my team.

Glen Johnson: Playing against his old pals and maybe the time is right to score against them.

Billy Jones : Got rested in mid week and he should resume he is attacking duties down the flanks against Norwich.

Riise/Reither: The Fulham full backs loves getting forward and the match is good for them,i am hopeful that Riise will score this week!.

Ward : The guy is a point machine and he worth considering him this week.

Goal Keepers:

Mignolet : Playing against West Ham and the price is around 11m,should be in your team if you are buying from retail.

Vorm : Good match up against Hull,if you dont want Mignolet then Vorm should be your number 2.

Myhill : If you wanna free some cash then Myhill is your choice with a good match up against Norwich.

I am currently on Mignolet/Jones/Riise/Johnson/Gerrard/Coutinho/Nani/Shelvey/Chicharito/Berbatov/Suarez (C)

Good luck everyone!