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The Barn Door Live: Chatting Fantasy EPL Week 26

Michu re-introduced himself to fantasy managers in a huge way yesterday but with only two matches today, will someone else join him? We'll be here to watch with you and help you sort through the fantasy implications of today's matches.

He'll be grinning again at the end of this season
He'll be grinning again at the end of this season
WPA Pool

It's been a while since the title was essentially decided this early in the season but there are few other conclusions that can be reached after yesterday's embarrassment of the defending champions against Southampton. So, how does Manchester United react today? Do they put some of their more critical players in bubble wrap while saving them for Champions League exploits? Do they put the pedal down and leave no doubt about the destination of the title? It should be fascinating to see how Sir Alex approaches a situation in which his players might be lacking in motivation for the rest of the league season. That doesn't seem like something he'd tolerate.

Elsewhere, West Ham and Aston Villa are facing off at the bottom of the table and Everton, Manchester United's opponent today, will attempt to keep up with Arsenal, Tottenham, and Chelsea in the race for the other two Champions League spots after all three of those clubs won yesterday. Playing at Old Trafford is NOT a time when you want the pressure to be on but that's the case for the Toffees.

Let's chat...