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The Barn Door Live: Chatting Liverpool vs Swansea

In the midst of an FA Cup weekend we find a lone EPL match that managers will be focusing great attention on. Will the Liverpool two-gamers redeem themselves after their dire outing against West Brom? Will Coutinho look better than other recent Liverpool "next big things" like Sahin?

Why aren't we talking more about the job this guy is doing?
Why aren't we talking more about the job this guy is doing?
Michael Steele

Pepe Reina and Steven Gerrard owe me big. I'm not sure how likely either have it in them to make it up tome - especially against a top half team (I'm sure you've heard by now that The Reds haven't beaten one all season - more likely you've heard it about 100 times this week alone). Still, this week gives us another opportunity to figure out the conundrum that is Liverpool. Impressive one week, disastrous the next but never dull (at least from a drama point of view, sometimes the play on the field gets a little hard to watch).

Or we quietly admit that Swansea are the better team and we should have picked more of their players than we did Reds for the two games.

Regardless, I won't be as depressed about what happens today as I was after watching that wretched display from Arsenal yesterday. There's a certain point at which enough becomes enough. Wenger may be doing ok at player acquisition but he doesn't seem to be able to get the best out of them. When your players are among the best in the league - as they were during the Invincibles era - you can getaway with only being an ok coach. When the talent is good-but-not-great you need to be exceptional as a coach to get results and that isn't happening.