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The Barn Door Live: Chatting Fantasy EPL Week 25

We'll be here following the action live with you, dispensing fantasy advice, cheering the goals our team scores, and cursing those we lost based on last minute trades.

he's back to torture the Geordie faithful
he's back to torture the Geordie faithful
Michael Steele

Of the managers acquiring new players recently only Brendan Rodgers appears ti have the best interest of fantasy managers at heart. While Rodgers made our decisions easy by leaving Coutinho off of the squad for this weekend's match Wenger, AVB, Redknapp and company have made it far less clear as to whether guys like Nacho Monreal, Lewis Holtby and Christopher Samba will start. I've held off on the newbies for now but you can rest assured I'll be in on one or more for next week.

In the meantime, here's my line-up for Match Week 25:

Yahoo: Mark Bunn, Azpilicueta, Vidic, Baines, Cazorla, Michu, JCole, Cabaye, Rooney, Mata, Sturridge

Here's the schedule for Match Week 26 featuring double matches for Liverpool and Swansea:

Chelsea v Wigan
Norwich v Fulham
Southampton v Man City
Tottenham v Newcastle
Swansea v QPR
Stoke v Reading
Sunderland v Arsenal
Aston Villa v West Ham
Man Utd v Everton
Liverpool v West Brom
Liverpool v Swansea

let's start chatting with the brand new QPR vs Norwich...