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The Barn Door Live: Chatting Fantasy EPL Live

Chelsea and Manchester City have both disappointed this season in that neither will come down the stretch contending for the title but it should be an interesting match and we'll be here for it.

Steve Bardens

Yesterday was a mixed bag with most Manchester United players doing well but Robin van Persie going off early with little to show for his efforts. At the same time, most Gooners - especially the defenders and Szczesny - weren't very good. In fact, the only Arsenal player who was exceptional was Santi Cazorla. Elsewhere Arouna Kone reemerged after what seems like forever in the shadows and Romelu Lukaku continued to show us what we might be able to expect when he starts playing for Chelsea next season.

Today we find the majority of fantasy interest in the lower profile match in real life with Newcastle being the focus while managers wait for the Spurs match tomorrow to close out the week.

Lets chat.