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The Barn Door Live: Chatting The North London Derby

There's only one match today but it's a big one in fantasy and reality. We'll be here chatting while Nik and I root for our respective teams. Should be fun.

I'm so good I have to kiss myself
I'm so good I have to kiss myself
Alex Livesey

Yesterday was an odd one - Liverpool and United did what was expected although Shinji Kagawa's start and hat trick were unexpected. Kevin Mirallas reminded us why we developed a collective crush on him early in the season. The frustrating part of both performances is that neither player has a match next week due to FA Cup obligations. The big question heading into next weekend is how to value Liverpool players. Against bottom level competition they're dominant but they face Spurs next weekend and their fantasy performances tend to suffer against stronger competition. My sense is that the Liverpool defense is useless but Suarez and Coutinho are worth it at the right price.