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MLS Fantasy Insider: Players to Add, Drop and Watch

I'm back with my own SBNation account and my own weekly column to help fantasy managers optimize their teams in this format that allows for limited transfers.

Quite an introduction to the league, wasn't it?
Quite an introduction to the league, wasn't it?

The first of my weekly reviews of MLS players to add, drop and watch for the upcoming match week - in this case Match Week 2. In addition, for those of you interested in understanding how at least part of the pricing formula works for this game, here's my inside scoop on It should help you understand when and why prices will fluctuate based on managers adding and dropping players week-to-week.

Player to ADD -> Diego Valeri ($8.1m) Midfielder - Portland Timbers

If you missed the Portland Timbers vs New York Red Bulls game you can check out the highlights here. Valeri was insanely good in the final third at every level - passing, shooting, vision and creativity. He has it all and their might not be another player in all of MLS who's better at it. He's taking all corners and set-pieces as well. If Ryan Johnson and Darlington Nagbe can continue to improve, Valeri's potential is limitless. He is a must-add if you haven't done so already. Watch this if you don't believe me.

Player to DROP -> Jay DeMerit ($5.9m) Defender - Vancouver Whitecaps

DeMerit went down Saturday with a ruptured achilles tendon. He will be out for a significant period of time, if not the entire season. This seems like an obvious decision, but he's still currently owned by over 12 percent of the league. He's been transferred out by 760 people and that number will continue to grow until Round 2 begins. I recommend selling him as soon as possible because you will continue to lose money the longer you wait.

Player to WATCH -> Deshorn Brown ($5.5m) Forward - Colorado Rapids

Even though the Colorado Rapids lost their season opener to FC Dallas they had plenty of chances to score early on. Brown is way underpriced for a "starting" forward at $5.5m. He had some problems finishing in his first MLS match, but if he can keep getting solid minutes (played 83 minutes in Week 1) then he's a guy you want to keep your eye on. The Rapids are a better team than they showed on Saturday and Brown should continue getting decent service most of the time. Plus he's fast, really fast. Hold off for now, but put him on your watch list.