Player Picks Gameweek 32

Julian Finney

With 7 or so gameweeks left, discounts begin to fade and changes become more significant. This is the time where you need to gamble to catch up, or play it safe to stay in the lead, and for next weekend, I believe you should buy cheap defenders and splash the cash on your attacking players.




Elliot at 1 would be great, but unfortunately for the conservative managers, Krul is back and his price isnt too bad either, 4.49. Although the defense in front of him isnt that assuring, he's still a top GK and is the pick of the bunch this weekend imo.

Julio Cesar-

Another cheap GK playing at home, and he's gonna have to be at his best


His ban is over and is a solid option at 4.



Bertrand -

With Cole out for a couple of weeks, Bertrand looks a steal at a meager 5 and home to Sunderland.


Home, cheap, and Carrol cant play against his parent club


Really cheap and playing at an advanced role, but is a yellow card risk. On the other hand, M'bia got a fair share of points against Fulham playing in the same position last week, so you might want to think of that.


Nice fixture, could rack up some points

QPR defenders-

Whether its Mbia at a discount or Samba at retail, I think they'll shut out Wigan this weekend at get the 6 CS points. If they dont, they might score.




Didnt play against United, so he's almost guaranteed a spot, and as we've learned from the past, Chelsea usually score big against Sunderland


His price has gone down to a managable 14, and playing at home against Fulham. Nuff said.


BD price would be good.. might think twice buying at retail


Didnt play last week, but played well in the FA Cup, so he's a nice option at 8ish.


Back in the lineup and with good effect, BD is fantastic but retail is also good.. Playing at home in a must win match against Wigan = SOT galore

Usual discounted suspects-

Cazorla, Michu and for those insistent ones, Sissoko are all good picks this weekend.




Top-scoring Englishmen in the EPL playing against Reading in an important fixture, what more can I say


For me, he's been one of the best in the league this season.. I've had him for a long time now and I'm pretty sure he's staying for a lot of you as well


Their prices have dropped a bit making them more affordable and playing Sunderland at home in a game where they need to perform, especially after the disappointing performance by Chelsea at Southampton


I really think he's gonna rip Arsenal apart


Picked him up on the BD, partially because of the DGW next week, looks good against a Newcastle side who are all over the place defensively


Interesting option at BD and retail.


Looking for something different? Walters at home against Villa could score big. Hasn't been an option for a long time it seems.


For those of you short of cash, look no further. Playing Swansea at home for under 5, but is a risk. He will probably get the nod after a disappointing forward performance by Norwich against Wigan, though.