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Rosicky Injury Doubt for Arsenal

Ahead of the doublegame-week, popular enabler Tomas Rosicky has emerged as an injury doubt.

Shaun Botterill

Tomas Rosicky injured again. Quelle surprise.

Team News: Wilshere, Walcott, Rosicky | News Archive | News |

on Wilshere and Walcott…
Jack has joined normal training since Wednesday and Theo should join in tomorrow. They are 90 per cent available for Saturday.

on other team news...
The other uncertainty we have from last Saturday is Tomas Rosicky, who has a little hamstring irritation. His involvement is yet to be decided as well but it's fair to say that he is a big doubt for Saturday. And of course, Per Mertesacker will be out because of his red card.

This leaves those of us who picked up Rosicky on the Barn Door a bit out of luck. He was an incredible enabler at 2 and change, and looked a promising pick regardless after two goals playing in the hole against West Brom.

But now we're back to digging around the bargain-basement defender scrap heap or ditching the likes of Wayne Rooney, or other, more expensive two-gamers.

As for Arsenal, it seems like Walcott and Wilshere are back. On most teams, I would worry about them playing so soon after injury, but Arsenal - for better or for worse - have a history of throwing returning players right back into the fray.