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Fantasy MLS: Friday Extravaganza Week 7

It was a good week for player picks last week with 2 goals and 1 clean sheet from 4 players (one at each position). Here's hoping I can keep the good times rolling.

From EPL disappointment to MLS hero
From EPL disappointment to MLS hero
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I don't have a ton of time to get this here column published so we're going to dispense with the belabored introduction about my so-so performance thus far (I'm in about the 75th percentile in the game and 94th in the ESPN game which isn't horrible but it isn't great either). As a group though, the NMA group is killing it - we're ranked as the 3rd highest performing group overall which, given the size of the group is great stuff.

As always, we encourage you to read Ben Jata's columns on the Fantasy Page and check out the Injury Report before you make your selections final.

Once you've done that, come back here and check out my analysis of the schedule and player picks for Match Week 7. But, before we get to those, it's time to shine the spotlight on those managers who are rocking it whether "it" is Week 6 or the season to date:

Week 6 Leaders

  • Corn Cauldron - Scott Anderson - 67 points
  • Tink Again - [No Manager Name Given] - 67
  • HB Red Devils - Donough Hughes - 65
  • WUSTL United - Matthew Pollard - 64
  • Flying Pigs - Dan Koker - 64
  • Waterford FC - Brett Leary - 64
Overall Season Leaders
  • DamagedGoods - Richard Matthew - 415
  • Lucky Number Se11 - Rodgesico - 408
  • InRennieWeTrust - Jeff Smith - 400
  • KFC Official - - 395
  • Waterford FC - Brett Leary - 391

Schedule Analysis

With Sporting KC on a bye week, there are three matches where I see distinct advantages and one that seems ripe for a lot of goals overall:

Philadelphia Union vs. Toronto FC - The Union are only so-so and Toronto have been better than expected but that "better than expected" has almost entirely been at home. On the road Toronto has been poor and I expect that to continue.

Houston Dynamo vs. Chicago Fire - The Fire broke through against the disappointing Red Bulls last weekend at home but I don't expect that to extend to a road trip to Houston. Houston should roll here.

Seattle Sounders vs. New England Revolution - Bottom of the West vs. Bottom of the East doesn't sound appealing but between the Revs being rocked by the news of Kevin Alston's illness, Seattle's superior talent, and the long trip West I see Seattle getting on track with a few goals.

FC Dallas vs. LA Galaxy - Feels like there will be four or five goals in this one so don't shy away from the attackers on both sides.

Player Picks

Forward - I'm starting and ending with a member of the Philadelphia Union and at forward, I'm going with the man who never should have left (been traded) in Sebastien Le Toux who should carve up Toronto FC.

Midfielder - Houston has an advantage in their match-up but their forward line is not entirely healthy so I'm going midfield with the Dynamo. Rather than making the obvious (and expensive) Brad Davis pick, I'm going with an old favorite from the Premier League who never quite reached his potential there in Giles Barnes. He may never be the next big thing in England but he's been coming on since his arrival in Houston and the price is reasonable.

Defender - New England has scored exactly one goal so far this season, that's ONE. Throw in the circumstances mentioned above and it feels like a Sounders clean sheet. There are a few reasonably priced defenders to choose from but I'm going with DeAndre Yedlin who is the cheapest of the bunch and hasn't missed a minute of the season so far.

Goalkeeper - With goalkeepers, I tend to pick against the opponent rather than picking FOR the keeper and this week that leads me to the very affordable Zac MacMath against Toronto.