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The Barn Door Live: Chatting Fantasy EPL Sunday

Today is a huge day in the race for 3rd and 4th with Spurs and Chelsea facing opposition capable of taking points from them. I'll be wearing my sky blue and looking for BD bargains at the same time with City facing West Ham next weekend.

Time to go to work taking points from Chelsea
Time to go to work taking points from Chelsea
Liverpool FC

What has the season come to when Billy Jones was the highlight of my Saturday as a fantasy manager? Granted a large portion of my budget - the parts earmarked for DDG, Phil Jones, Philippe Coutinho, and RvP - has yet to be accounted for but the balance did very little with every decision being the wrong one. Barkley over Emanuelsson, Wilkinson over Mertesacker, and Townsend over just about anyone else all turned out poorly. Even the one pick that seemed destined to be a sure thing - Romelu Lukaku - turned out badly.

It was just one of those days - except for Billy Jones who came from nowhere to score an unlikely goal. So, at least I have that - and the hope that Liverpool and Manchester City can take points from Chelsea and Spurs respectively - heading into today's action.

Let's chat...