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The Barn Door Live: Chatting Fantasy EPL Week 32

Yesterday's matches were a mixed bag. Southampton showed they have risen above their early season ups and downs. Stoke fell further into the mire. And Arsenal nearly gave me a heart attack. What does today hold?

Who saw that coming?
Who saw that coming?
Thorsten Wagner

For fantasy purposes, Southampton was the place to be as Jay Rodriguez, Adam Lallana, Artur Boruc and others had strong matches. If you missed out on the 2 + for Tomas Roskicy (and almost all of us did because he's delivered so little for so many years) then there weren't a ton of points in the Arsenal match after they lost the clean sheet snd nearly two of the three points.

What will we see from a Bale-less Spurs today against Everton? How about Chelsea and Liverpool?

More importantly, where did you end up with your Arsenal, Everton, Manchester United, Fulham, and West Ham-heavy line-ups for next week?