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The Barn Door Live: FA Cup Final Edition

Chelsea and Aston Villa are the early under card as Manchester City and Wigan prepare to contest the FA Cup Final. Will Chelsea be able to continue their strong run of form against an equally hot Villa side (you can look it up).

I've rarely had nice things to say but he's been amazing
I've rarely had nice things to say but he's been amazing
WPA Pool

Since Jeremy has picked up on my excitement about the possibility of Shinji Kagawa getting to start fulltime under David Moyes, how can I resist saying it again to lead off the weekend. It was also nice to see the newspapers picking up the rather obvious Leighton Baines (and Marouane Fellaini) to United along with Moyes rumors. If you don't like rumors, this just isn't going to be your summer wiyh potential managerial changes at the top three clubs and the potential of Gareth Bale moving to Spain.

Back to this week, here's my team for the second to last weekend of the season:

Elliot, Kompany, Dawson, PJones, Cazorla, Nasri, Dorrans, Bale, Walcott, McManaman, Podolski

Who you got?

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