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The Barn Door Live: Celebrating Wigan's Big Win

What a day it was for Wigan and Frank Lampard yesterday. If Lamps is leaving Chelsea better have a heck of a plan to replace their all-time leading scorer. Today Spurs continue to fight for the top four and United play Sir Alex's last match at Old Trafford.

Congratulations to the new Chelsea record holder
Congratulations to the new Chelsea record holder
Chris Brunskill

What a day it will be to celebrate in Manchester (well, the red part anyway, I'm guessing the blue part is still fuming about that lackluster effort yesterday). Sir Alex will walk out of the Old Trafford tunnel as manager one last time. We have to assume there will be players from seasons past as well as all sorts of luminaries there to send off the best manager England has ever seen properly.

Elsewhere, Norwich and Newcastle claw to stay out of the relegation zone. Spurs start us off by trying to mske a match against Stoke entertaining as the continue their quest for fourth. The rest are just playing out the string.

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