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Late Fitness Check: Injuries and Suspensions Week 36

Injury and suspension analysis is always difficult when you're focusing on teams with two matches because you never get the full picture. Still, we do our best not to make sure you know as much as you can going into your team selections.

Rafa wouldn't rest him against United as the Team News suggests, would he?
Rafa wouldn't rest him against United as the Team News suggests, would he?
Scott Heavey

As we always do, here is the link to the consolidated Team News from the nice people at SoccerNet if you want all the detail behind the analysis that you'll find below. As we typically do with two-match weeks, we're going to focus almost all of our time and energy on the two-gamers. If you want more information on the one-gamers, I suggest consulting the link above (and also checking your strategy - there are only two match weeks left so why are you holding on to your one-gamers not named Santi Cazorla for any reason other than that they are enablers?).

Tottenham - Tom Huddlestone's place is in question as Moussa Dembele will face a fitness test. In my mind, this means that AT THE LEAST Dembele will be back for midweek. Honestly, the uncertainty submarines the value of both players in my mind. Very frustrating but I'd stay away.

Chelsea - There is exactly no useful news from the powers-that-be at Chelsea. There is some random speculation about Eden Hazard and rotation but that hardly seems definitive. Chelsea MUST get these two matches right, hard to see them rotating Hazard for either of them unless Rafa has decided that he's not one of their best XI.

Manchester City - Joe Hart is apparently healthy and will start in net and City are listing no other health issues in their team news report. The big issue is obviously rotation risk and the report gives exactly ZERO help there. If you know something, share in the comments below.

West Brom - Finally, some interesting news. Chris Brunt is definitely out for the weekend match and presumably is likely to miss mid-week as well which makes Graham Dorrans a very reasonable choice at an even more reasonable price. Up front, Marc-Antoine Fortune will be suspended for both matches which means Peter Odemwingie (priced at a reasonable 9.48) could replace Fortune in the formation.

Swansea - No injury news of any note here. Hard to imagine Chico Flores is going to miss time over a bruised arm.

Wigan - The news here is at the back where Maynor Figeroa is out for the season injured and Antolin Alcaraz is unlikely to be ready according to the club. Ronnie Stam (3.27) seems likely to get a start over the weekend and could play both matches. At that price, if you need the enabler it seems worth risking the possibility that he only starts one of the two matches.

Good luck with your final moves before the deadline. We'll see you on the various chats over the weekend.