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The Big NMA Transition

Our apologies for not being terribly communicative recently but there's been a lot going on. Here's the inside scoop and what to expect next here at the blog.

A Sneak Peek
A Sneak Peek
Courtesy Yahoo Sports

Things have been silent here at NMA for a while, too long really. Given that it is the summer, we probably haven't been missed too much yet but with Yahoo on the verge of releasing their re-designed game, it seemed like a good time to reassure everyone that Never Manage Alone is NOT going away. Jeremy, Nik and I have moved on to a new digital home but it is important that we clarify a few things about the move:

1) What We're Doing - While some features will be similar to what we've done here at NMA and even before that on our own blogs, the cornerstone of our work will be quick hitting player news that will be available on the site as well as being integrated directly into the Yahoo game.

2) What We're NOT Doing - We are not intending to be a competitor but rather a compliment to Never Manage Alone. RotoWorld is about mostly factual content supplemented with quick-hitting opinion. The strength of Never Manage Alone has always been the community atmosphere created by the active comments sections, the live chats, the FanPosts and FanShots. It is our intention to make a great resource while still dropping by as often as schedules allow to participate here in the community that we are still very attached to.

As far as what has happening next with the site here, there will be more details to come but rest assured that Jeremy, Nik and I all feel good about the fact that we are turning the editorial reigns over to three people (Zach, Mo, and Ken) who have been active members of the community for some time. It is our hope that they will carry on the overall sensibility of respectful and fun community while innovating on the specifics of how that sensibility shows up in the forms of news and editorial.

My personal hope is that everyone who has enjoyed the first phase of NMA will stick around for the second phase and continue to make this the best place on the web to talk Fantasy EPL. At the same time, we hope you come and visit us at from time-to-time as well (even if you'll find it much harder to let us know that you've done so).

Thanks again to everyone who has made this site a great place for Jeremy, Nik and I to write, we will now transition to being readers who post in the comments sections and create the occasional FanPost.

Oh, and can Arsenal PLEASE get moving and sign some players?

Cheers - Neal