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Ladies and Gentlemen, we're back in business!!

Alot of changes have been happening,biggest of which have been the transition of NeverManageAlone to new editors,we would like to thank Jeremy,Nik and Neal for their brilliant effort which has leaded them to write for Rotoworld,we hope to continue the example they have set and make the blog even bigger for the upcoming season.

Alex Livesey

We apologize for the stagnation of the site but change has been happening behind-the-scenes, the biggest of which has been the transition of Never Manage Alone to new editors. As many of you know, the fantastic job done by Neal, Jeremy, and Nik has led them to bring their brilliance to RotoWorld. They have done a fantastic job for years, all the way back to when Neal and Jeremy were writing for Eurosport on Yahoo! [editors note: before that even!] and Nik starting his own independent blog, and we hope to continue the example they have set. The new editors will be myself, Mohamed Killeeny (EGYPT), Zach Kelleher (Kellz_86) and Kenneth Moore ( Ken M)

We will strive to keep Never Manage Alone a top site for fantasy player analysis, post-match wrap ups, transfer news, competition, and of course YOU, the blog community. Isn't that really the reason we all come here? The great blog community that has formed around NMA is the best reason to keep this site alive: the friendly banter, the not so friendly banter, the live threads, the frantic countdown to the deadline, all of it a way for all of us across the globe to connect over a mutual love of football.

That being said, hopefully the transition of the blog to our stewardship will bring in some new and exciting pieces and ideas. We will most certainly keep much of the site the same, including player picks, Monday Morning Manager, live match chatting, Deadline chatting, etc. But we do hope to start introducing some new ideas which we have in the works. Sort of like putting our own stamp on NMA while continuing the great work Neal, Nik and Jeremy have laid for us.

First off we'd like to introduce ourselves to those new and old to the blog. My name is Mohamed Killeeny (Egypt) a Liverpool supporter living in Cairo. I have been writing some player picks from the last couple of seasons, and I promise you all to show you the secret of finishing in the top 50 on a yearly basis.

Zach Kelleher posts under the name Kellz_86. He is an avid Liverpool supporter as most of you know, and has been following Neal, Jeremy, and Nik ever since his introduction to the Yahoo Fantasy Game. He currently lives in Portland and he is a huge supporter of MLS' Portland Timbers.

Kenneth Moore( Ken M) is a passionate fan of all sports in Detroit where he has lived all of his entire life. This season will be Ken's fourth season as a fantasy player. Prior to that he had zero knowledge of the game but now he can tell you every single tiny stats in the league.

So!! The new season is just around the corner. We have many more transfer sagas to complete, and much more analysis to come! I'd like to thank everyone for their patience as we reignite the blog for the coming season!