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Welcome back.

Newly promoted teams bring along with them so many new players for us to get to know. We then add all the new signings that seem to increase daily, and THEN the cherry on the top of all this is we have new site managers and our long awaited season is starting off with quite the bang.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

There is so much to talk about it's difficult to know where to begin so instead of jumping all over the place I will just throw out some of my own thoughts and we will see where that takes us.

For me, the newly promoted clubs are a work in progress.From what I have been able to gather Cardiff City holds the most interest for me as far as player choices followed by Crystal Palace then Hull City. Each team seems desperate to acquire new signings in order to boost their chances of staying up in the Premier League so team line-ups are certain to change over the next few weeks so we need to watch that.

Several, more established clubs, have made some wonderful acquisitions adding greatly to the expectations of new faces in this seasons champion's league contenders, however many seem to have been added to teams where rotation and pitch time was already making us pull our hair out each week. Good times ahead, right?

I must say there are two clubs that currently hold great interest for me that might just be under your radar. Those clubs are Everton and Swansea. For Everton I will have an early eye on Kone as well as Kevin Mirallas and for Swansea I will most certainly be on (main page photo) Wilfried Bony who should be in your line-up to start the season. I just wish his first name was Ed. Then it would be, Ed-Bony from I-Vory! (Hey, it's Paul McCartney's fault for writing the stupid song to begin with)

Now, I am not sure if it's a man crush or what but I just can't imagine starting the season without Sergio Aguero pairing up top with Mr. Bony. With the addition of both Jesus Navas and Fernandinho, Aguero is looking better all the time.

Liverpool have two excellent additions in Simon Mignolet and Iago Aspas and if they start this season with last years end of the season form, I see many fantasy teams with at least one Liverpool player in their line-up each week.

As far as Chelsea goes, if anyone has some solid suggestions on the expected pitch time of their players I am all ears. I only wish Lukaku would come in with a lower then average price which I am certain he will not.

The Spurs will again be about the Bale and nothing but the Bale and for the most part I see nearly all defenders as well as Goal keeper being quite the investment. However, Paulinho should be on your watch list for sure.

Arsenal continue to tread water early on but there could be some hope in a possible Gonzalo Higuain signing although, for whatever reason, I still really like Giroud and will be disappointed to see him lose out on game time.

So,where is your focus early on? Is it Nicolas Anelka or Kevin Nolan? What is to become of Wayne Rooney?

Will you be content to have your team finish like last season or the season before that and will you again settle for a top 5000 or even a top 2500 finish OR will this be the season that you log onto NMA to post your questions, add your comments and use the "force" to achieve fantasy glory of a top 100 finish or better?

Let's get started...