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The Luis Suarez Affair: Thoughts and Insight

Suarez is once again topping the headlines this summer, as his "will he or won't he" transfer saga continues. It is obvious the want-away striker is unsettled. Will Liverpool give in and sell him onward? Or stand their ground and keep a highly valuable asset to attaining Champions League football once again?

Will he stay or will he go?
Will he stay or will he go?
Alex Livesey

At this point, you've probably done what many others have and buried your face in your hands over the continued Suarez saga. That's where I am at least. As a Liverpool fan I fear this debacle will wind down until a drastic measure is needed and the football club as a whole suffers. There is no denying Suarez is a very talent footballer, but how much longer will we be able to put up with his many controversies? It is obvious he is unsettled and looking for an exit route. If we get a bid of +40mil, then I say it is time to part ways. But I'd only sell if certain conditions are met:

(1) The club MUST sell Suarez to another league. There is absolutely no way to step further back from Champion's League football than selling Luis to a Premier League rival. If this were to not happen, it would be the absolute worst decision to make in the event he is sold.

(2) A suitor must be found quickly and a deal wrapped up in order to give Liverpool enough time to bring in the replacements needed for the forth coming campaign. Currently Arsenal have made a bid, but Real Madrid have only been speculated to have an interest. As it stands, this condition is far from being met which isn't a good sign for the want-away striker. We don't need another Andy Caroll "last minute" panic buy again.

So far we know Arsenal has been the only club to have shown concrete interest with a 30mil tabled bid. However this completely conflicts with my first condition. If it were to happen, the move does make sense unfortunately. Arsenal play the kind of quick passing and possession game that would completely suit a player like Suarez. This would represent an audacious swoop for Arsne Wenger, who has a heavy war chest burning a hole in his pocket. If he were to move to Arsenal, we would certainly see Santi Cazorla's fantasy impact take a hit, much like the Robin van Persie vs Wayne Rooney discussion from last season, both players would lose some free-kicks, a valuable skill to have in the locker. But this would pale in comparison to the impact Suarez would have on the Liverpool faithful, who have stood by him at all times. His whole argument has been the British Media turning against him. If he were to move to another English team, his argument would be trash.

This really just leaves Real Madrid as the next likeliest destination. But I fear they are pulling some stall tactics that will force Liverpool's hand as Suarez becomes more unsettled and the transfer window comes to a close. But, Madrid have the money and missing out on two big names like Cavani and Falcao won't sit well with the Spanish giants. A actual tabled bid may be coming in the near future for Suarez, I just hope it comes sooner than later.

Although I do believe Brendon Rodgers and Liverpool are handling this situation properly. While Suarez is out in Uruguay talking about leaving or being unsettled by the British media, Liverpool have always said he is not for sale and is our player. Case in point, when Arsenal had a 30mil bid rejected outright as that not only failed to meet the buyout of 40mil, but it sent a message that Liverpool will fight to keep their player. In all honesty, I feel Suarez owes it to Liverpool to stay and fight for us, but once a player gets this unsettled, it is probably the time to let him go.

Regardless, this leads to what is probably going to be THE summer transfer saga that won't die. Buckle yourselves in, there is still a lot of summer to travel!

So what do you believe, Liverpool have had enough and sell him on, or that Suarez owes it to Liverpool and should stay? What would be Luis Suarez's likeliest destination?