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Load Up....Blow Up?

As the start of the new season rapidly approaches, many seem to be "punch drunk" on the amount of funds available to start the new season. Eyes are all a twinkle and many see any and all players desired to be part of their line up each and every week. Will this indeed be the case, or are many headed for a Load Up-Blow Up?

Ian Walton

It appears that many see the addition of a "bench" this season as a worthless tool destined to ruin the game and should be ignored while we use our new found wealth to load up on basically any combination of players we desire.

But are we forgetting something here?

I'm sure you have heard your entire life, that nothing is free and everything comes with a cost. With that in mind lets take a closer, more economical look, at this interesting change of events.

Now, I am certainly not an economics major but if I'm not mistaken, the more money available, the higher the cost?

Now, stay with me here.

With a budget of 100 million last season we saw several players hit prices in the mid 20's (25% of budget), some hit the low 30's (33% of budget) and some even flirted with the 40 mark (40% of budget).

It stands to reason that with a budget now at 150 million, player prices this season "should" move proportionally. That means that a good player last year in the mid teens, say a cost of 14 ,will soon cost you 21 this year. A player that cost 24 last season will be in the 31 range this year and a player that might have hit 40 last year COULD be near the 60 mark this time around!

Even if there is an adjustment for the 4 additional bench players in the formula, I believe we are looking at a (minimum) 25% increase in player pricing with the high even being a whopping 50% like in the above examples.

Keep in mind we are talking about mid season pricing and beyond, NOT introductory pricing.

IF that does end up being the case, many who thought a Bale, RVP, Baines and Aguero line up would be a given each week may be in for a rude surprise, especially if Bale cost 50 and RVP cost 40?

Also, we need to take into consideration the new standard for a good week will no longer be around that 100 point mark (point earned/dollar spent). With double points for Captains and a 50% larger budget, will 150 points be the expected norm?

I believe before we rush into an early season coarse of action that could leave us high & dry mid way through the year, we should take a closer look at the new format and contemplate IF we should consider FORMATIONS more closely allowing us better choices on "possible" bench positions and a longer more sustainable BALANCED team throughout he year.

Love them or hate them, being able to maximize the available rules to one's advantage,has been and will always be, the key to winning any game!