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Its time to make your team !

The new season is just over 3 weeks away and YES you can start doing your fantasy team again!! There have been some new changes in the game and we take an inside look about these rules and how it will affect your team for next season.

Stanley Chou

First of all here is the new link for the new Fantasy game

Increased budget to 150M: This season you have 150m to spend on your team including 4 subs, as the season get rolling you will find lots of people playing with different tactics, I would always recommend having a moderate team with 1-2 expensive guys and the rest of the team are good players that can score plenty of points

4 Substitutions
: This new change is a really good one, No more heart attacks when you see that your player is not on the starting 11, If your player is not playing then the first sub will come in play, but let me clear something for you, if your player didn't start the game and came on the field in the 85' then his points WILL be counted and your substitute player score WONT be counted.

Captain Fantastic : The big change here that your captain double up your points, so if your player scored a hat rick and gets 40 points then you can keep on dancing as it will be counted as 80 pts. Same goes if your player had a shocker and gets a yellow card and scored -5pts then it will double up to be -10.

Live scoring : No need to count shots on target anymore or how many SC did your player did, there will be a live scoring for every player in your team pages so you can check it live during the game, these scores will be unofficial and from time-to-time, be adjusted as the game's data provider, Opta, finalizes their analysis.