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Stretched to the limits?

Frustration seems to be mounting and many questions seem to be going unanswered. The start of the new season is only a couple weeks away and whether we like it or not we may have to begin the season, Stretched To The Limits!

Shaun Botterill

Appears our new season may get underway with more then just a few bugs left to iron out. The introduction of the new format is certainly lacking in several areas.

CHOOSING/VIEWING PLAYERS: So far the only way I have found to do this is having to drop a current player at that position which then enables me to view my options BUT ONLY at that position. Switching a Striker to a midfielder requires me to drop one of each to do a comparison shop. Not only is this tedious but opens you up to huge mistakes as the season goes on. Imagine player shopping 12 weeks in and accidentally moving out your favorite discounted player to go "shopping" only to end up hitting save and, poof...GONE!

There used to be and SHOULD BE a prompt asking you, are you sure you want to proceed before it allows you to save but there IS NOT!

Early morning changes, last minute changes, and not to ignore, drinking OR hangover changes, should be done under supervision only!

RULES/SCORING: Not exactly sure why I have to leave the site in order to refresh myself on scoring and any rule changes but that seems to be the case. Nonsense!

MAIN LOUNGE: Where is it? Chatting, joining leagues, again....where is it?

INTERACTION WITH LEAGUE INFORMATION: Again, I have to leave the site to access a team page or check on upcoming fixtures and more. I can only hope this will be added as the start of the season grows near?