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The High Cost Of Defending.

With so many rushing to fill their newly acquired benches with cheep defender fillers, PLUS having a double week season opener causing many to understandably load up on defenders from those two teams, I was wondering if you've noticed the high cost of this years "remaining" defenders? Now, I am not talking about the top 1-2 from each team but the cost of the #3 and #4 positions on many teams on down.Unless you are somewhat prepared, your defender budget may just explode sooner then expected.

Shaun Botterill

As I prepared myself to move on after week one's double games, I began to notice something about replacing my current starting defender positions for week one where my focus has been all Chelsea and Aston Villa. I had a bit of sticker shock when it became evident that most defenders across the league are now priced in excess of 11 million and not just the top choices who are actually, CONSIDERABLY more!

I took a little time to do some comparison shopping and what I found may be a bit surprising. I am going to list only options UNDER 11 million from each team that (Could) be someone to consider going forward.All newly promoted squads have defenders (mainly) priced at 7.17 so that price should be considered a BENCH MARK for STARTING defender options.

Recommended budget defenders will be marked with an (**) Strongly recommended will be with an (***)

Arsenal: No real options under 11 million! Maybe Jenkinson (5.54)

Aston Villa: Vlaar (10.49), C. Clark (9.29), Baker (8.32), Luna** (7.17)

Cardiff City: Andrew Taylor (7.17), Matthew Connolly (6.7)

Chelsea: I will list Bertrand (5.25) but Not really an option is it? All others will cost in excess of 11 million.

Crystal Palace: Joel Ward (7.17), Damien Delaney (7.17)

Everton: A. Alcaraz *** (8.42)

Fulham: S. Riether (9.65) F. Amorebieta ** (7.17)

Hull City: James Chester (7.17), M. Figueroa (10.92)

Liverpool: K. Toure** (5.48) Great option (if) starting.

Manchester City: Kompany *** (10.64), Lescott (10.32), Richards*** (9.59), Nastasic *** (Possible injury) (9.71), Kolarov (9.21)

Manchester United: Vidic ***(10.17), Ferdinand (10.17), P. Jones*** (8.05) Fabio ** (5.52)

Newcastle: M. Yanga Mbiwa ** (6.65), Debuchy ** (5.22) Colcoccini (10.30)

Norwich City: Bassong *** (Possible injury) (8.39), Garrido (7.81), M. Olsson*** (7.53) Turner (10.62) Note: Olsson could line up in midfield making him a great option if picked to start.

Southampton: L.Shaw *** (10.58), Yosida (9.66), D. Lovren ** (7.17)

Stoke City: Shawcross (10.26), M. Wilson ** (7.88), E. Pieters (7.17), Wilkinson ** (5.33)

Sunderland: M. Diakite** (7.17)

Swansea City: B. Davis *** (10.68)

Tottenham Hotspur: Dawson ** (8.22)

West Bromwich Albion : B. Jones ** (7.48), J. Olsson (8.55)

West Ham United: J. O'Brien *** (10.18), G. Demel (9.2), R. Rat *** (7.17)

Summery of good budget options: Baker, Alcaraz, F. Amorebieta, K. Toure, Fabio, P. Jones, Mbiwa, Debuchy, Bassong, M. Olsson, D. Lovren, Wilson, Wilkinson, E. Pieters, M. Diakite, Dawson, B. Jones and Rat.

Line ups are changing all the time and (MOST) of the above mentioned players have a "chance" to start and should at least be on you radar as options if needed.

ALL other options of starting defenders will (currently) cost you over 11 million! As of today there are (42) defenders that will cost you OVER that mark.

Have I missed anyone? Surprised that Manchester City offers the most "possible" choices?

With GREAT midfield options as well as GREAT striker options just EVERYWHERE at 7-8-10-13 million, I was just surprised to find my top defender options currently much higher!

Are you?