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Seeing Double?

Normally. with the season less then one week away we would be shuffling our teams around like crazy, perfecting our own special blend of players designed to catapult us off the starting blocks into a lead that nobody could ever overcome. However, our old friend The Double Game has surfaced right from the start and many if not all managers will start the season..Seeing Double?

Chris Brunskill

I believe I am safe to say that most people dislike double game weeks, in particular the TWO TEAM ONLY double game week. With Aston Villa having an extremely unfavorable opening two games combined with Chelsea's rotation options, has left me once again believing many of these players will come away from week one with only a single games worth of points.

Since this is a hurdle I can NEVER clear and my "current" line up includes no less then four single game players I believe it's time to get a feeling on how others are approaching week one.

Feel free to include your single game considerations..If your dare!

So....ALL IN?