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KM's (FIRST EVER) Week 1 Player Picks!

The long awaited start of the season is here, bringing with it the most anticipated event in all football. Not since the possibilities of "fermentation" were fully understood has there been this much optimism of what lies ahead. I bring you the First Ever...KM's Player Picks!

Chris McGrath

With both Chelsea and Aston Villa beginning the season with double games most would think player selections will be somewhat limited for week one. Based on recent polls and general chatter I'm convinced many managers will have a decent selection of single gamers mixed into their line ups making for a very interesting start to the season.

Aston Villa @ Arsenal

Aston Villa @ Chelsea

Without question, Villa have a tough go of it. Their front attacking line and ability to really push the ball up field will make both these games extremely fun to watch, but in the end I see a shaky start to Villa's season.

Hull @ Chelsea

Aston Villa @ Chelsea

Chelsea begins the season with two favorable matches at home. On any given double week we would see a race to load our teams with as much blue as possible but with a new manager known for his rotation policy combined with an extremely deep bench, the uncertainty surrounding playing time is the main force driving week one player selections.

Also worth looking at in order of favorable choices:

Tottenham @ Crystal Palace

Stoke @ Liverpool

Cardiff City @ West Ham United

Newcastle @ Manchester City

Manchester United @ Swansea

So, for the first time ever, here are MY selection of players worth looking at:


Petr Cech: Most likely the top overall pick and I assume leading candidate for Captain choice for week one. Two favorable home games and what we all feel are 180 minutes of football make him a must have. Hopefully you saved him on your team early as his cost has already jumped 1.62 million!

Hugo Lloris: Very reasonable @8.86 and a strong possibility of a double digit return makes Lloris my second choice of all keepers.

Maarten Stekelenburg: My budget choice of the week @5.97.  Should be interesting and if you need the funds and are not brave enough to include Bradley Guzan into your line up I would look here.


Ashley Cole: My top choice of all double game defenders and I see him with two starts this weekend.

Branislav Ivanovic: Rotation could play a key factor in game two but the risk/reward here is a good one in my opinion.

Antonio Luna: Although I see most of Aston Villa's defenders being to costly to take a risk on, Luna @7.08 is a great budget fill this weekend. A player that should be on your radar early on this year.

Michael Dawson: Currently in my line up but you need to keep an eye on him as he does have a bit of a knock.

Glen Johnson: I know he is an extremely costly single gamer but when you have a feeling you have a feeling. Currently in my line up.


Oscar: My leading choice of Chelsea's midfielders and see him with a nice return regardless of  two "complete" games.

RAMIRES: A close second to Oscar and I see both as solid options this week.

KEVIN NOLAN: My top choice for single game midfielders. I see a possible huge game here and worth the risk of only one game. Currently in my line up.

COUTINHO: Another single gamer I see has having a possible huge game and should be extremely involved against Stoke.

PAULINHO: Will be watching Tottenham's line ups at the end of the week and there is a strong possibility he will also be on my team. Currently holding a bench position.

DAVID SILVA/JESUS NAVAS: Again, if I see they are a strong choice for Mondays match at home against Newcastle one of these two will CERTAINLY be in my line up. Currently I am going with Navas.


EDEN HAZARD: Top choice for week one. Best chance from the Chelsea side to play both games and is currently top vote receiver for Captain among most managers.

RVP: Yes. that is correct. I will start him in week one and might even give him the Captain arm band! I see nothing less then a brace here and I know it's away at Swansea!

BENTEKE: This guy is just great. I wish I felt better about recommending him and normally he would be at the top of my list but I feel the match ups are just not in his favor. My gut says no but Benteke x 2 is just impossible to pass on. He is currently on my team.

LUKAKU: I like everything about this guy. Regardless of your standards he is a beast. My main concerns are he was rested/rotated at West Brom when he was by far their best player. How that transfers over to an extremely deep Chelsea squad is yet to be seen. Will get one game for certain but I don't see much more.

SOLDADO: I believe he could start the season with a bang and if he is not in your line up to start the season you should be prepared to move quickly on Saturday to take advantage of his current price.

WILFRIED BONY: Not sure I am convinced United will keep a clean sheet on the road at Swansea so I am picking Bony as the guy who will score, but even with a goal there may not be much else here. A bit risky only because of double week options but a fair option nonetheless.

MY CURRENT TEAM: Cech, Johnson, Dawson, Cole, Navas, Nolan, Oscar, Ramires, Hazard(c), RVP, Benteke

(6) Double gamers.

(Bench) Elliott, Spence,Coates,Paulinho (1.74/bank)

Did you really expect it to be....Normal??