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Scouting Chelsea for the double week

Less than a week away for the start of the new season,We starts off with a double week and after lots of pre season friendlies we take a look about the possible starting 11 of Chelsea and who will have the most possibility of playing the 180 minutes.

Thananuwat Srirasant


Jose Mourinho chopped and changed his line up many times in those pre season games and here are my thoughts for the upcoming Double week for Chelsea.

Goal Keeper

Cech is a guarantee starter for both games.

Defenders :

John Terry: I would say that he is the pick of the Chelsea defenders,He played most of the pre season games and looks like the favorite choice of Mourinho.

Ivanovic/ Cole : The two Chelsea full backs are certain starters in the opening game of the season and most probable for the Aston Villa game,the only slight doubt is that Azpiliceta plays the second game instead of Ivanovic so make your choice here but i would say that Ivanovic will get the nod barring a surprise there.

David Luiz: He wont play for 180 minutes for sure,he only started the last friendly game and got a 60 minute run out,so the possibilities of him starting both games is way way too low. plus he got a friendly game to play on Wednesday with Brazil.

Gary Cahill : I would think that he will start one game and be dropped for the second one.

Midfielders :

Oscar/Ramires : The two Brazilians looks the most probable to play in both games,Both can score goals and looks very good picks for the double week,i would recommend both but if you would like to choose one of them to play 180 minutes then i would go for Ramires as he can play in a number of positions and loves going forward and getting the goals.

Lampard/Van Ginkel/Essien/Mikel/De Bruyne: Here is a tough one, Jose Mourinho said that he will be very careful in playing Frank Lampard so many games in a short space of time,so i think that Lampard will play one of the games and can come for the last 20 min or so for the second game.Van Ginkel looks a good player and i would expect him to start a game,other than that we have Essien/Mikel and they are the holding midfielders and in most games they wont score lots of points so i wouldnt recommend any of them, De Bruyne wont have the playing time to consider him in your line up as he will get his chances later on but not in the opening week.


Hazard: I think he will be the only player to play the 180 minutes for Chelsea.

Lukaku/Torres/Ba: Calm down people nobody will play 180 minutes for sure, if you would like to pick one of the Chelsea strikers then be sure that he only get to play 70 minutes for the first game and around 20-30 minutes for the second game. so take your pick over here,I would say that Lukaku gets the first game and get subbed around 65-70 min,and Torres starts the second game and Mr BA can come as a sub in one of the games.

Mata/Schurrle/Moses: Still no one will get 180 minutes,Jose Mourinho said that Mata is way behind the group and that he might not use him alot in the opening games of the seasons. Schurrle and Moses looked impressive in pre season and one of them might get a nod in one of the games but no more.

I hope that helps you out and gave you a clear idea about how Chelsea going to line up in the opening games of the season.